All sessions are held exclusively at our Billericay practice parking is available if required.

Individual Counselling

Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, fear or any number of other emotion challenges then counselling could help. In a safe, supportive and confidential environment you will receive non judgemental support using a range of counselling methodoligies best suited to your own personal circumstances. I understand that it takes courage and strength to reach out and seek support and you may have thoughts that could prevent you from doing so, however if you have come as far as to read this then I would strongly recommend you take the next step. At no charge I am willing to have an initial consultation to help you decide whether counselling could help you either face to face or on the telephone.

Relationship Counselling

Using the same methodologies as individual counselling, relationship therapy helps you to create a space to facilitate communication between you and your partner, holding a space for each other to be heard. Whether you are experiencing conflict, lack of communication or a general dis satisfaction in your relationship then you will benefit from time spent at relationship therapy. In order to ensure I am best placed to support your relationship challenges I have studied further specifically in this area. 


In addition to a degree in Integrative Counselling (BA) Hons, I am also a certified Self Esteem practitioner, seasoned Mentor and experienced coach. With a real breadth of knowledge and more than 20 years exploring all areas of personal development i can help you to achieve particular goals, create satisfaction in your life and awaken and empower you to live richer and more fulfilled.